Press Release

Samsung SDS boosts future business competitiveness through startup investments

18th July 2016

Seoul – July 18th, 2016 – Samsung SDS, a global IT services company and affiliate of the Samsung Group, will accelerate investments in global startups to boost business competitiveness as well as secure future growth.

Samsung SDS announced investments in Darktrace, a U.K. based cyber security company, and Blocko, a Korean blockchain platform company through a new technology investment fund.

Samsung SDS commented: “Through these investments, Samsung SDS will be able to retain leading-edge technology in cyber security and blockchain. The company plans to collaborate closely with these startups to drive business growth. Samsung SDS will increase competitiveness of its cybersecurity business and services by promoting sales of the differentiated cyber threat defense solution by Darktrace to Korean companies, as well as work with Blocko to support commercialization of emerging blockchain technology in various sectors including IoT.”

Samsung SDS as a global ICT service company considers securing differentiated core technology as very important, and is therefore investing in global startups with promising technologies through a new technology investment fund, managed by Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (“SVIC”).

Based in the UK, Darktrace is one of the fastest-growing cyber security companies in the world, using advanced machine learning technology for detecting and responding to cyber threats. Named ‘Best Security Company of the Year’ 2016 by Info Security, Darktrace is capable of identifying new, emerging threats within computer networks in real time including insider attacks, ransomware, machine-based attacks, and unknown threat scenarios that may bypass other security systems.

Blocko is a blockchain company in Korea that provides a proprietary blockchain platform to leading enterprises in Korea, enabling them to easily adopt this emerging technology. Blockchain is a technology which maintains a shared digital ledger of transaction data on a distributed network of computers so as to prevent the data from being hacked or corrupted. This emerging technology is expected to be applied in fintech and other fields such as IoT and healthcare.

Samsung SDS will continue to invest in global startups in sectors such as AI, analytics, IoT, etc. to secure disruptive technologies and drive future growth through innovation.

□ Market volume of cyber security industry
International Data Corporation(IDC), a specialized IT market research firm predicts that the specialized threat analysis and protection (“STAP”) segment of the cyber security market, which utilizes non-signature-based methods including behavioral analysis and machine learning to respond to advanced threats, will grow to become a $3.1billion market by 2019

□ Market insight of blockchain
According to a report on the impact of technology announced at the World Economic Forum (Davos Forum) on September 2015, it was predicted that blockchain will change the society and “in 2027 10% of all GDP (gross domestic product) will be stored by blockchain technology.”

About Samsung SDS
Samsung SDS is a global IT service company that led Korea’s IT industry for over 30 years since its establishment in 1985. We have paved the way for the growth and development of clients through innovation utilizing information technology in data processing operations, system integration, IT services and current ICT services. Samsung SDS is also the engine to Samsung group’s growth into a global enterprise as the sole ICT services and solutions provider, conducting major projects including system operation, consulting, system integration, IT outsourcing and ICT infrastructure for all Samsung Group affiliates.